Agenda Setters is a democratic strategy designed to mobilize people throughout the United States to participate in creating laws. An internet town hall forum will feature applicants’ ideas, which will be voted on by residents in their Congressional districts.

          The top proposals will be featured in the national television series Agenda Setters. It’s like American Idol but for democracy.

          Each episode will feature the top ten ideas in a related area, such as education or justice. Just like in a television game show, people throughout the country will elect the winners. This will give a platform to the next generation of national agenda setters and their elected officials the political capital to turn their ideas into law. 


Why now? So what?

We are living in an age of gridlock and polarization. The loudest voices are often those who present politicized wedge issues born from partisan think tanks and ideologically constrained party platforms. Agenda Setters is designed to transcend this stalemate by serving as a kind of democracy scout, discovering the next generation of leaders who embody the principles of creativity, collaboration, and compromise.

  • Creativity. Agenda Setters will be innovative civic leaders who no longer simply give different answers to traditionally divisive questions. They will articulate new questions and present fresh new ideas, thereby capturing the imagination of those previously caught in political deadlock.
  • Collaboration. Agenda Setters will know how to effectively build alliances by moving seamlessly across ideological and political barriers, demonstrating that the issues we face cannot be solved alone.
  • Compromise. Agenda Setters will know how to compromise, mediating public disputes by modeling how to make smart and compassionate concessions.

The outcome is simple: by giving the people a public forum to share their ideas, Agenda Setters provides a model for their elected officials to transcend political division. Most importantly they inspire we the people to participate in their democracy.

What technology can be used to launch Agenda Setters?

Google’s is a multimedia platform that couples the tournament-bracket model with the democratic method of popular voting. Viewers watch two videos and choose the most compelling one, thereby propelling the best ideas to the top of the bracket. By launching a democracy slam, we will create a modern town hall forum designed to discover the democratic agenda setters of our time. This platform will host the content to be featured in the pilot television series, Agenda Setters.

Which television networks would you approach?

Nate Walker intends to pitch this idea to producers of award-winning reality competitions at major television networks: 

  • CBS – The Amazing Race (Elise Doganieri, Bertram van Munster, Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Hayman Washington, Amy Nabseth Chacon) and Survivor (Charlie Parsons, Mark Burnett, Jeff Probst, David Burris); and

Can this democratic model be used in other countries?

Yes, just as the Idol series is now featured in 42 countries, the Agenda Setters model has the potential to be replicated around the world. The platform can target local communities in various countries, giving each community the chance to feature the best of their ideas to be showcased in their country’s television series, such as India’s Agenda Setters. 

Who is Nate Walker?

  • In 2006, Mother Jones listed Nate Walker as one of the top student activists for his executive leadership of the student movement to create a National Tuition Endowment, which was reported on by The New York Times, Chronicle of Higher Education, Investor’s Business Daily and university newspapers throughout the country.
  • In addition, the idea of the LPad originated from his sermon “A Letter to My Murderer,” which responded to the time when a man opened fire on a sister congregation, killing two members of his faith community.

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