Ethics of Biotechnology

          In 2009 Rev. Nate met with executives at Monsanto to reflect upon how the field of biotechnology may be informed by the three principles of biomedical ethics: (1) nonmaleficence, do no harm; (2) beneficence, generous acts of doing good; and (3) distributive justice, achieved through the fair, equitable and appropriate distribution of food. In this context, he invited Monsanto employees to consider adopting the following oath:

I promise to use my expertise to help and not harm
people, animals, and the environment.
I promise to practice responsibly
the ancient ethic of stewardship and
the modern principle of sustainability by
affirming distributive justice as a moral obligation
to benefit the interdependent web of existence of which we are a part.


          Click here to read Rev. Nate's initial questions to the CEO of Monsanto; scroll down to watch the sermon he gave just before meeting executives at Monsanto; and click here for a summary of Monsanto's response. And click here to read the feature article about this process published in the UU World.

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