Ethical Eating: Food & Environmental Justice

          In the fall of 2009 Rev. Nate taught an adult religious education class on ethical eating, which led to the creation of a series of sermons about the ethics of biotechnology, specifically related to Monsanto. Reverend Nate has served on the UUA's Ethical Eating Core Team and is currently assisting the denomination in implementing this statement of conscience.

          "Aware of our interdependence, we acknowledge that eating ethically requires us to be mindful of the miracle of life we share with all beings. With gratitude for the food we have received, we strive to choose foods that minimize harm and are protective of the environment, consumers, farmers, and all those involved in food production and distribution.

          "Environmental justice includes the equitable distribution of both environmental burdens and benefits for populations of residents and workers. Marginalized people have often been able to find housing or work only in areas exposed to environmental pollutants, with consequent negative health and quality of life effects."


Preamble to the 2011 Statement of Conscience, entitled,

"Ethical Eating: Food & Environmental Justice."

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